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I made a meme...I thought it would be fun and also a good way to share the stories you love.

Favourite Fics Meme


Please provide links to fics (preferably not to locked journals)
Please don't use your own fics.
Fics can be any rating.
Obviously many fics will fit more than one question, but it's more fun if you only use a fic once.
You don't have to answer all 25 questions, but please try to answer as many as possible.

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Okay, so yeah...that was REALLY difficult, there were so many questions where I could easily have listed 10 or more fics... as it was I cheated and listed two (or three) fics for most of them a couple of times...

So, no tagging, just anyone who would like to do it, go for it!
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There are so many authors I love and truly appreciate. And I am sure I will forget some of my absolute favourites and be kicking myself later... but I'm gonna list a few who spring quickly to mind...

First and foremost my incredibly talented beta [ profile] amybnnyc who is probably the most awe inspiring author I have ever read, a wonderful beta and above all an amazing and supportive friend.. there are a few people who have come into my life because of this fandom who I am so incredibly grateful for having had the opportunity to know... Amy is one of them. Her amazing talent aside my life is so much richer for having her in it!

As for her work I KNOW I could not say it as well as [ profile] enigmaticblues did in THIS POST Her fics can be found on her site I'll be Your Mirror... if you haven't read her work rush over there and treat yourself... you won't regret it!!

[ profile] slaymesoftly is another friend who I just cannot imagine not having in my life, she's also a wonderful beta and sounding board. She writes beautiful heart-warming (and sometimes heartbreaking) Spuffy fics with lovely characterisations and thoroughly enjoyable plots that will make you smile, and cry and smile some more! They are also more than a little steamy in places too!! Check out her work on her site Spuffy Stuff lol... there's just a LITTLE bit of reading there. I love all her work... but a personal favourite is Prolgue to Life/Iknow You

[ profile] talesofspike is a lovely lady with a wonderful and very witty sense of humour who I was so lucky to meet when I read the wonderful Ganya fic she wrote as a birthday pressie for my lovely beta. Her Ganya series "The Tales of Giles and Anya" is fantastic and is a MUST read. And her epic "Spike's Will be Done" series is just a wonderful and amazing journey over 5 beautifully written books that just keep on getting better with each successive book. Check out her site He's No Angel for evenmore of her wonderful work.

[ profile] enigmaticblues writes such lovely tales that touch your heart in so many ways. Her characters are lovingly written and once again so beautifully true to character. Her stories are all wonderful but my favourite would probably be Confluents. Check out her fics HERE

[ profile] rayne_y_daze writes such wonderful, mostly Ethan-centric fiction. I LOVE her Ethan!! Her Holiday Out is a lovely heart-warming Giles/Ethan fic that will have you smiling and just leave you feeling so good! Her To Tell the Truth is such a cleverly written Ethan and ensemble fic with spot on characterisations and wonderful witty dialogue and her Anniversary is an incredible spine-chilling little Giles/Ethan ficlet. She is also one hell of a drabbler!!

[ profile] jen_nsync_landl One of the first Spuffy authors I read and probably the first one I quickly became addicted to. 8 Little Words is a lovely and touching little ficlet. Into the Light is one of my all time favourite fics (but have tissues handy) and her WIPs Rewards and When you Wish are BOTH fantastic. Those and many more of her wonderful stories can be found on her site My Immortal

And last but certainly not least two wonderful ladies who have become such an important part of my RL as well as my online life... And ladies we are gonna have sooo much fun in Mooloolaba next week!!!

[ profile] mefiant_aus whose Unexpected Arrival is a fabulous Spuffy fic with such an incredibly original and wonderful plot filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Call (as with all of Mef's fics) once again has a VERY original and intriquing plot that just grabs you right from the start. Check out her fics at Puppies and Christmas

And Temptation whose first fic The New Me is a alternative Season 5 that is VERY alternative... give it a go I am sure you will enjoy it. And her new fic *shhh... secret... don't tell anyone* is going to be great!!!

Oh... and a VERY special someone I NEED to mention as she is not only a wonderful friend and my fabulous partner in crime over at [ profile] good__evil but she is also an incredibly talented and generous artist without whom my LJ and my website would be so very dull and boring. [ profile] selene2 of It Runs Even Deeper shares her talent with so many both as the co moderator of [ profile] banner_grab and to individual authors as well. She is one of the nicest, sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure to know (even if she does try to say she is evil! *rolls eyes*)

Thank you ALL for sharing your talent so generously!

Well that is it for my post... I KNOW there are more very wonderful authors out there and many more whose work I love... but a post can only be so long so I have singled out authors who are very special to me not just for their work but for their wonderful selves as well!
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Ok I missed a day or two... time got away from me, as it does...

As previously stated I appreciate ALL authors who put their time and effort into bringing our beloved characters to life for us to read. However, my list consists of authors whose work has touched me todays authors...

Firstly someone I am sooo proud of, who I feel is already (while still in highschool) a wonderful author and with time will only get better... Q or  [ profile] akaela_lee  for any who haven't read it Spiral of Chaos her Final fantasy X/ Spuffy crossover is very very good!!!

[ profile] diabola79  I love this girl!!! She is a wonderful, warm, beautiful person and I am blessed to have her as a friend. She is also a very talented author and even more amazing (to me) is the fact that English is not her first language, to write fiction at all is hard work, but to do so in a language not your own must be so difficult and I have nothing but admiration for Dia. I have the privilege of co-betaing herEye of the beholder and her Learning how to fall... Book one in her Through another's eyes series  was written in response to a challenge I placed on the Bloodshedverse and was also my birthday pressie... it is a fantastic fic and I can't wait for the next installment. Dia is also the next author up in the Verse's Round Robin so keep an eye out for her chap

Kari Mouke there is nothing I can say about this lady that others have not already said, I have not read nearly as many of her fics as I would like to, and I plan on remedying that situation asap.. her Perchance to dream however touched my heart, it made me cry it made me smile, it is a simply beautiful story!

There are so many other authors out there I love and have adored their work, most are very well known and have been appreciated this week by many others...  Once again I say ALL authors should be proud of themselves for not only having written their work in the first place, but for having the courage to put it out there on public display.

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