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Apparently today is beta appreciation day... lol... trust me to find that out at the END of the day!!

Well what can I say? I have THE BEST beta in the world... and there is no point in arguing with me... cause that is just the way it is! So there! lol. Seriously though, my beta is just wonderful... not only is she a fabulous beta and an amazing writer she is also a wonderful friend! And I REALLY don't know what I would do without her!

[ profile] amybnnyc

In my eyes at least you ARE the best beta in the world! *squishes you close!* Love you to death!!!

Unsung Heroes

Wed, Mar. 16th, 2005 01:53 am
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My beta's... I have the most amazing, wonderful beta's and just I love them all!

In no particular order except maybe chronological...

[ profile] bloodshedbaby  Beta'd Axis of Love and A Fortune Told for me... she is an unbelievably busy lady with not only her own fics to write, young kids to be Mum to, she also has The House of Bloodshed and The Bloodshedverse to maintain and run... yet she took time out to help a new author who knew NOTHING about how things were done, showed me the ropes, beta'd for me, archived my fics, talked me into getting an LJ (thankyou sooo much for that!) and enchouraged me every step of the way!! And also made my lovely banner for me.. **squishes BSB and banner**

[ profile] oracleholly  Is a wonderful friend as well as being my beta... she Beta's To Live Again  (which is kicking my butt severely atm) and mine and [ profile] mefiant_aus's collaboration fic Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers  as well as having beta'd my BSV Round Robin chap and my Watcher's Diaries fic When Death Comes Calling. On top of this she is also a great writer for whom I have the privilage of betaing Poetry Slam and Spike's Way.

[ profile] amybnnyc  What can I say... she is like a sister I never knew I had... we are on YM all day and most of the night together EVERY day... she talks me through when my wip's are kicking my butt... she is a shoulder to cry on, a cheersquad, a personal shrink LOL and pretty bloody scary when she catches my reading or playing with Photoshop when I am suppossed to be writing! LOL.. Amy beta's.. In Dreams What May, and has beta'd Two chapters of A Fortune Told for me when RL was keeping poor BSB so busy she didn't have time, Between the Motion and the Act (My Wesley fic), To Sin--Divine and its sequel Dawn and will have a new fic to beta very shortly which at this point has no name... **glares at BSB..thanx for the plot bunny!!** AmyB is also another incredible author I am honoured to beta for, her Fear In a Handful of Dust is excellent as is Staring at your window (which was my B'day pressie!!) and her Wesley fic
A Smaller God.

I have also been lucky enough to have [ profile] mefiant_aus  and Slaymesoftly beta for me on occasions when RL has been a bitch to my other beta's and I greatly appreciate their time and work too... thankyou ladies!

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