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I have this on my website, but I figured it would probably be a good idea to have it here on LJ too...

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'/' denotes relationship; 'and' denotes friendship

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Pre Series. (in rough chronological order)

* Sweet Fucking Jesus Tap-Dancing on a Soda Cracker - Sweet the Dancing Demon (complete)
Rating MA 15+ - Contains blasphemy.. please do NOT read if this will offend!

* When Death Comes Calling - Original Characters written for the Watcher's Diaries community on Live Journal. (complete)
Rating- MA 15+ - London: 1624. Fear and death stalk the streets; Marie discovers what happens when your worst nightmares come true.

* Against a Sea of Troubles - Angel (Liam) (complete)
Rating PG ish - a short look through his eyes at Liam's last hours.

* A Dance with Death - Spike (complete)
Rated PG - A Spike only piece set during the Boxer Rebellion

* Love at First Sight - Spike (complete)

* The Birth of a Bibliophile - Giles (complete)
Rated PG - A Spike only ficlet

* Between the Motion and the Act - Wesley (complete)
Rated MA15+ - A Wesley-centric fic

* Days of Blood and Wine Series - Giles/Ethan (ongoing series)
Rating - MA15+ - A series of drabbles and ficlets that span from pre-season to season 2


Season 1.

*A Future Set in Sand - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated M15 + - 'Prophecy Girl' rewrite. What if not all of the Master's childer mindlessly went along with his demands? Could the presence of a disgruntled Master vampire of the Aurelian line sway the course of a supposedly unbreakable prophecy? And what will that mean for the slayer who is fated to die by the Master's hand?

* In Dreams, What May... - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated R18+ - In a nightmare world a slayer and a vampire meet under unusual circumstances.

* Chameleon - Willow/Angel (complete)
Rated PG - Set somewhere after 'Angel' in an alternate S1. Willow finds out that sometimes the nice girl does get the boy.

*Chameleon part two - Willow/Angel (complete)
Rated M15+ - Set three weeks after Chameleon


Season 2.

*Axis of Love - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated MA 15+ - What would have happened if Spike had discovered his feelings for Buffy before Angel left her jaded and emotionally scarred?

* This Quintessence of Dust - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated PG - What if things had gone a little differently in The Bronze during School Hard?

* He Who Hesitates, is Lost - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated PG - A brief  'off-screen' moment.

* Consequences - Spike with mentions of Spike/Dru (complete)
Rated PG - Spike contemplates magic and its consequences.

* Duty Bound - Spike/Buffy (wip)
Rated R18+ - Buffy has to save the world from Angelus and Acathla and she needs Spike's help to do so... in a manner she would never have imagined.

* To Sin— Divine! - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated R18+ - Buffy isn't feeling well... is it somehow Spike's fault? A porn-with-a-fair chunk of plot.

* If You Don't Love Me... - Spike/Buffy (wip)
Rated M15+ - Spuffy rewrite of 'Lie to me'

* Festival of Lights - Willow/Angelus (complete)
Rated M15+ - Willow has a secret admirer.

* I wrote a chapter in the BSV's Round Robin fic End of the Bloody Line Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated R 18+ - 'What's My Line' rewrite



Season 3.

* Lover's Leap - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated PG - A short Spike POV set in an alternative Lover's Walk

* Postcards From the Ledge - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated PG - Set during an alternate Lover's Walk. Buffy runs into Spike on his way to the school to kidnap Willow and it seems that not everyone takes kindly to a slayer and a vampire duking it out in their back yard...

Could Have Turned Right - Spike ficlet. - Rating PG. A brief look at what Spike might have been up to during the events of 'Amends'.

Season 4.

* Captive Pleasures - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated R 18+ - My first pwp. Post Something Blue Spike is chained in the bath tub once again.

* Imaginative Improvisation (ATS Season 1) - Angel and Cordelia (complete)
Rated PG - In answer to the good__evil Dracula challenge. Ats season 1

* Ashes to Ashes - Spike and Giles (complete)
Rated G - A long drabble/short ficlet. Giles and Spike conversation

* Fade to Black - Spike and Giles (complete)
Rated PG - Spike and Giles friendship


Season 5.

* The Right Side of Wrong - Spike/Faith [in Buffy's body] Spuffy overtones. (complete)
Rated MA 15+ - Picks up in the Bronze during "Who are you?" and events unfold a little differently

* Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers - Spike/Buffy, Riley/Others (complete)
Rated R18+ - Riley Finn has been having a bad week... will it get better... or simply worse? Contains some mild (tongue in cheek) slash.

* Shadows Fall - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated PG - Spuffyverse twist of "Shadow".

* Questions - Spike and Dawn (complete)
Rated G - Dawn asks Spike a few questions.

* The Evil Than Men Do Lives After Them series (ATS Season 3) - Wesley/Faith (ongoing series)
Rated MA 15+ - A series of Wesely/Faith ficlets set in an alternative ATS season 3

*A Touch of Paradise Spike/Buffy - (Between Seasons 5 & 6) - (complete)
Rated R 18+ - Love, happiness and life in general can be hard, and sometimes you make the wrong choices along the way, but sometimes you get the chance to do things right afterall.


Season 6.

* Time Around Me Whispers - Spike/Buffy (complete) Written 16th September, 2005
Rated R 18+ - Spuffyverse rewrite of 'Bargaining' (Possible tissue warning)

* Torn in Two - Giles with mentions of Giles/Ethan (complete)
Rated PG - What was going through Giles' head as he returned from England after hearing that Buffy was alive? A short Fill in the blanks set in 'Afterlife'.

* A Grain of Sand - Spike/Buffy (wip)
Rated R18+ - Set in Season 6 somewhere around 'Life Serial' and goes very AR from there as slayer and vampire find themselves scouring dimensions. Will their search be in vain? And what will they learn along the way?

* 76 Bloody Trombones - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated R18+ - Set in Season 6 Post OMWF pre Tabula Rasa. Written for the Spuffy smut-a-thon on Live Journal.

* The Downside of Love - Spike and Tara (complete)
Rated G - Set after the lights go down on Tabula Rasa. Buffy has taken flight once more and Spike is making his way back to his crypt when he comes across another broken heart.

* Something for the Pain - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated MA15+ - A brief moment in season 6 which could have happened if the gods, or Joss, had been nicer to us!

* Hearts Breaking Even series - Giles/Anya (ongoing series)
Rated MA15+ - An ongoing series of Giles/Anya ficlets and drabbles. Set post 'Hell's Bells'


Season 7.

* I Wish Every Day Could be Like Christmas - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated PG - a post 'Showtime' Spuffy ficlet.

* Words Unspoken - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated PG - Set once they arrive home after the opening sequence in 'Potential' and going AR from there.

* Another Shattered Soul in the Lost and Found - Spike and Tara (complete)
Rated G - Alternative Season 7. While Spike is in the basement he gets a visit from a friend.

* The Hard Calls - Giles with mentions of Giles/Ethan and Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated PG - Season 7 set during 'Lies my Parents Told Me' Giles muses on his reasons for the decision he made regarding Spike.

* Thus Conscience Doth Make Cowards of Us All  Rated MA 15+ A short Faith pov set in an alternate Season 7

* My Choice   Rated G  - A short Chosen 'what if" ficlet. Spike/Buffy (complete)


Post Chosen. (in rough chronological order)

* Love Me Back to Life  - Wesley/Faith (complete)
Rated PG - A few glimpses into the backstory of my Wes and Faith from A Grain of Sand Set after an alternate 'Chosen'.

* A Fortune Told - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated R18+ - Post chosen and Post not fade away the Powers that be call Spike to an audience where he is to receive his reward.

* Wasted and Wounded - Buffy and Angel (complete)
Rated G - Buffy and Angel friendship (VERY Spuffy undertones) Season 7 Post Chosen and working on the assumption that the events of S5 of AtS will unfold a little differently in light of this! (lol... I am allowed to dream... right!?)

* Like the Corners of my Mind - Spike/Buffy (wip)
Rated MA15+ - Set in an alternate AtS Season 5. The Spike who emerges from the amulet isn't quite the same as the one we saw on the show...

* Things That Go Bump in the Night - Spike (complete)
Rated PG - A short early AtS S5 ficlet

* Save All My Ashes for My Return  - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated G  - A short Post Chosen Buffy ficlet

* New Beginnings - Buffy with Buffy/Immortal and Buffy/Spike (complete)
Rated G - Post "The Girl in Question."

*When You Need a Friend - Willow/Angel (complete)
Rated PG - A short post-NFA friendship ficlet written for Gabrielle

* The Longsest Night - Buffy/Spike (complete)
Rated PG - A few years post Chosen, a prophecy is revealed, and it falls to Buffy to prevent the end of the Slayer line.

*I Wanna Tell You How it's Gonna Be - Spike/Buffy (complete)
Rated G - A short post-NFA ficlet written for my lovely beta Slaymesoftly.

* Boys and Their Toys - (Spike/Buffy, Giles/Jenny)
Rated G - a short ficlet set approx 10 years after the end of Axis of Love.

* His Girls - (Xander/Faith)
Rated G - short ficlet set in the Axis of Love/To Live Again world. Approx 15 years after Axis.

* Deja Vu - a short Giles-centric ficlet.

* We All Have Destinations - (Spike/Buffy)
Rated PG (Possible tissue warning) A short Buffy pov many years post NFA.

* To Live Again (a future fic but not future from canon) - Spike/Other (wip)
Rated R18+ - This is the sequel to 'Axis of Love'. Either fic could be read as a stand alone, although this one would probably make more sense if you have read 'Axis' first. This is set approximately 125 years after the beginning of 'Axis'.

Drabbles from various seasons.

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