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Thanks to for spotting this, and to [ profile] raemcn for letting me know (and for taking all the screencaps for [ profile] stop_plagiarism)!

Someone by the name of [ profile] magickboxgirl has been having some fun. It seems she's plagiarised at least 3 authors, Pattyanne, [ profile] hollydb and me, and as she's since deleted her journal I guess there's no way of knowing if there are more.

'Her story' posted March 2008 ( ) and my fic To Sin--Divine! written 3 years earlier-March 2005 ( ) Obviously there some changes to make it fit into the other fandom, but for the most part it is the same.
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OK... first and foremost this is a gift for the lovely Mefiant.. I hope it made her feel a little better last night. And then it is for everyone else who nagged me narrowasked nicely for a sequel to Sin.

Um... rating R 15 maybe... definitely no higher (sorry to all those looking for more smut) lol.

HUGE thanx to my lovely beta AmyB and to Mefiant  for the original challenge and for requesting this epi.


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New Fic

Tue, Mar. 8th, 2005 09:57 am
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In an attempt to combat a severe case of writer’s block the lovely Mefiant set me a challenge to write a short fic… well as is typical, the muse who would not previously be tempted, cajoled, bribed or threatened into working decided he liked this challenge… so my short fic became a rather long (16 page) short fic. Lol. (what do you wanna bet he still won’t work on the updates I sooo need to get done?) Details of the challenge posted at the end so as not to spoil any surprises

 Definite NC-17 rating.

Disclaimer... once again, Joss owns them, lock, stock and barrel. All previous vamp-sitting offers are still in place though…please!!!

Thanx to my wonderful beta Amy B for her work on this, her encouragement and her infinite patience. Not to mention 2 am rendezvous for five minute chats and progress reports all thanks to my highly obnoxious computer which has refused top stay on for much more than five minutes at a time for the last week.

Huge thanx also to Q… without the loan of her laptop I would be no further along than the first paragraph.

Please remember this is very much a NC-17 fic... do NOT go below the cut if you are not of appropriate age....

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