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Title: Alone
Author: Always_jbj
Rating: G
Character(s): Willow and Angel
Word Count: 100
AN: Sorry, honey, not paired, but possibly a precursor?
LOL And it seems I am breaking my own rule, it's technically AtS not BtVS.

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Not for the [ profile] good__evil poll... just because the muse wouldn't stop nagging about it.

Author: Always_jbj
Title: Imaginative improvisation.
Good:Cordelia, Evil: Angel (although using the word 'evil' is REALLY stretching it! lol)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: None of it is mine.. not Google, not Drac, not Cordy, and thank God, not Angel!
Only a short one Approx 900 words. I hope you enjoy!

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Sat, Aug. 6th, 2005 10:01 pm
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Even though I NEED to be working on a fic that is due very shortly the muse in his infinite wisdom (and who am I to argue with the muse?) decided that he wanted to work on a Buffy/ Angel friendship fic... this is a for the lovely [ profile] semby. I hope you like it sweetie...

Rating... PG at the worst
Title... Wasted and Wounded.
Season 7 Post Chosen and working on the assumption that the events of S5 of AtS will unfold a little differently in light of this! (lol... I am allowed to dream... right!?)
Unbeta'd at present.

Oh... and [ profile] selene2 ... darling... gorgeous... sweetie!! **blinks innocently** I hope you like it too!!!

ETA: A HUGE Thanks to [ profile] selene2 for the lovely banner!!! **hugs you**

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New Ficlet

Wed, Jul. 20th, 2005 08:49 pm
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New ficlet added to my site... written for the  [ profile] 12monthsofbtvs Angel month.

( Against a Sea of Troubles ) is a brief look at Liam's last hours of life. Rated PG ish.

Another Drabble

Sat, Apr. 23rd, 2005 04:48 pm
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For [ profile] akaela_lee


Just doing my job!

“Hey, what’re you doing?! Stop that!”
“I’m..” <tug> .. “just..” <tug> … “doing…” <tug > .. “my job!”
Angel shook his head, hard, sending the irritating little creature flying across the room and into the wall.
“Ow! That hurt… there’s really no need for violence you know.” She planted her hands firmly on her hips and pouted angrily at him, wings folded.
“No need for violence? What do you call what you were doing to me?”
“What? I was just doing my job! You aren’t using them; so it is my job to collect them!”
“Collect someone else’s fangs!” He growled.

The request was:- Angel meets the Toothfairy.

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OK... first and foremost this is a gift for the lovely Mefiant.. I hope it made her feel a little better last night. And then it is for everyone else who nagged me narrowasked nicely for a sequel to Sin.

Um... rating R 15 maybe... definitely no higher (sorry to all those looking for more smut) lol.

HUGE thanx to my lovely beta AmyB and to Mefiant  for the original challenge and for requesting this epi.


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